Triangle beaker

Item No.: BLYQ010
Product name:
Glass triangle beaker 125 250 500 conical beaker with Градуирование milk cup


Product advantages: high temperature resistance, durability, high transparency

Product material: made of GG-17 high borosilicate medicine sp
Product name:
glass triangle beaker125 250 500ml conical beaker with Градуирование milk cup

brand: KEYADA

product advantages: high temperature resistance, durability and high transparency

product material: GG-17 made of high borosilicate medicine special thick glass

product features: uniform wall thickness, no bubbles, durable. The bottom of the cup is heated smoothly and evenly, and it is not easy to burst due to rapid heating.

Product description: A beaker is a common laboratory glassware made of glass, plastic, or heat-resistant glass. The beaker is cylindrical and has a notch on the top side to facilitate pouring of liquid. Beakers are widely used for heating, dissolving, mixing, boiling, melting, evaporation, concentration, dilution and precipitation clarification of chemical reagents.