Three-mouth flask

Item No.: BLYQ1
Product Name: Three-mouth flask

Basic product description:
1. Thick wall, good thermal insulation performance
2. High Borosilicate Glass, the best working temperature can reach 200 degrees
3. High corrosion resistance
4. High transparency
5. Rang
Possible applications:
1. Reaction vessel between liquid and solid or between liquid and liquid
2. Assemble gas generator (normal temperature, heating)
3. Distillation or fractionation of liquid

precautions Note:
1. The injected liquid does not exceed 2/3 of its volume and not less than 1/3 of its volume.

2. Asbestos net is used for heating to make it evenly heated.

3. Distillation or fractionation should be matched with rubber plug, conduit, condenser and so on to use distillation flask.

Product description:
beveled flasks usually have the appearance of a round belly and a fine neck. He has three ports to add multiple reactants at the same time, or a supporting condenser tube. Its narrow mouth is used to prevent the detection of solution or reduce the evaporation of solution, and can be used with rubber plug to connect other glass equipment.