Thin film evaporator

Item No.: KBTL4
Thin film evaporator is a type of evaporator. It is characterized in that the material liquid flows in the form of a film along the wall of the heating pipe for heat transfer and evaporation. The advantages are high heat transfer efficiency, fast evaporat
The internal condenser of the evaporator is moved to the outside and the condensation area is enlarged to improve the efficiency of removing light components. The material is high borosilicate glass 3.3 or stainless steel, and the evaporation area is 2 square meters, 5 square meters, 10 square meters, 20 square meters. Decimeter, vacuum degree up to several Pa, distillation temperature up to 250 °C or 300 °C, for special materials, you can customize a fully heated evaporator with evaporation zone, heavy component discharge zone independent temperature control cavity to ensure easy solidification Fluidity during material separation. For the customer's needs, it is also possible to customize the film forming device, feeding device and discharging device of different structures, such as roller/scraper film forming, full-insulation needle valve feeding/gear pump feeding, intermediate receiver plus flask discharging / gear pump discharge, etc.