Round bottom single-mouth flask

Item No.: BLYQ2
Product description:
1. High Borosilicate Glass, the best working temperature can reach 200 degrees
2. High corrosion resistance
3. High transparency
4. Range: 100ml ~ 10000ml
Product Introduction:
round bottom flask is bottom in ball-Like of transparent glass flask. It is a chemical experiment heating commonly used in with reaction vessel, widely used. Can be heated, generally need to be padded with asbestos net, with iron frame equal clamping instrument coordination use.
Precautions Note:
(1) the bottom of the round bottom flask is relatively uniform in thickness and has no edges, which can be used for long-term strong heat.

(3) after the experiment, if there is a catheter, etc., the catheter shall be removed first to prevent backflow, and then the heat source shall be removed. After static cooling, the waste liquid shall be treated and washed..

 (4) flask asbestos net should be padded when heating, not exceeding the volume of the flask1/2(Afraid of too much solution boiling it is easy to splash out or bottle Pressure too big to explode)


product advantages:
high quality material, high hardness, high transparency, corrosion-resistant high-quality materials, fine workmanship and low error are more suitable for fine experimental operations. High temperature resistant, thick-walled glass container used for liquid distillation or fractionation of substances. It is often used with condenser pipe, liquid pipe and liquid receiver. Gas generators can also be assembled.


The difference between round bottom flask and flat bottom flask
  the bottom of the round bottom flask is round, while the flat bottom flask the bottom is flat. The round-bottom flask should be equipped with an iron frame during the experiment. The flat-bottom flask can be placed directly on the experimental table.

The difference between round bottom flask and distillation flask
distillation flask due to need for distillation liquid, so there is a thin glass tube extending slightly downward at the bottleneck, which can be used to drain steam. In addition, the distillation flask heating needs to block the bottle mouth, and another tube must be extended. The round bottom flask does not have this device, and the bottleneck is an ordinary straight tube.