Dyeing beaker

Item No.: BLYQ009
Product name: dyeing beaker
Product features:
• Inverted cone, bottom, the upper end of the cup wall is obviously highlighted and widened, wide mouth, no mouth.
• Fine, easy to extend into the water bath, so that it can be even
Product name: dyeing beaker
brand: KEYADA
product characteristics:
• Inverted cone, bottom, cup wall obvious prominent widening, wide mouth, no mouth.
• Fine, easy to extend into the water bath, so that it can be evenly heated and increase the heating rate.
The middle and upper part of the cup wall is obviously widened, so that the bottom of the beaker is not close to the bottom of the water bath pan in the hole of the water bath pan, and can be smoothly placed.
• Wide mouth is easy to lift and stir the pattern during dyeing operation, and the color liquid will not overflow. At the same time, the dye dissolution and dyeing uniformity can be seen clearly.
Dyeing beaker
product application:
it is suitable for analyzing the dyeing properties of dyes in textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, as well as laboratories of institutions and scientific research institutions related to this industry, A small sample test was carried out on the chromaticity and purity dyed under different dyeing time and conditions, and used as a dye tank.
clean the beaker before use, then put the dye into the cup, add water, put it into a water bath and heat it, and stir it constantly with a stirring rod to dissolve all the dyes, and then the items to be tested (white cloth, cotton yarn, etc.) soaked with water, put it into a beaker, let it dip and boil for a few minutes (turn it over during boiling), take Вынос and clean it carefully with clear water, watch whether the color meets the requirements, and then determine and compare.
Product specifications: