Anti-splash ball

Item No.: BLYQ5
Product Name: Anti-splash ball
Product material: High Borosilicate Glass
Product specifications: 100ml ~ 250ml

Product Name: anti-splash ball
product material: high Borosilicate Glass
product specifications: 100ml~250ml
product Use :
the anti-splash ball is made by mechanical processing, the concentricity is good, and a good and stable rotating state can be maintained when rotating. As the rotary shaft of the rotary evaporator is connected with the evaporation bottle, it can prevent the splashing of materials while preventing pollutants from flowing into the evaporation bottle during the process of rotating the solvent.


High Borosilicate Glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is about 1/3 of that of ordinary glass. High temperature resistance, resistance200 the temperature difference of degrees changes dramatically.
The anti-splash ball is designed with frosted bottle mouth, with strong sealing performance and low error in fine workmanship, which is more suitable for fine experimental operations.
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